Friday, December 9

GNO Wrapping Party!

My friend, Kate, of And Everything Sweet has done it again. This girl's creative mind just doesn't stop! She came up with the brilliant idea of having a Girl's Nite Out Wine and Wrap.... how much fun!

Gather a few girlfriends together, display some of your favorite wrapping supplies, throw in a little wine and VIOLA! You have a fantastic excuse to get together and you'll get a lot accomplished, too.

What I love most about Kate's display is how she took the familiar "dessert table" and created a WRAPPING TABLE. In fact, she took Amanda's Parties To Go's CANDY CHRISTMAS printables set and created her own labels for the table using the blank tent cards that come with the set. Using glass apothecary jars, cake plates, topiaries, and platters, Kate turned ordinary wrapping supplies into an adorable party table. 

There are so many great ideas here, so I'll just let the photos do the talking.

I'm so in love with Kate's gift box topiaries.
What a fun, easy and inexpensive idea for any holiday party table!

The backdrop is adorable but such a simple concept to re-create. Using a rolls of wrapping paper, Kate adhered them red/white dot wrap to the wall in two strips and then covered the seam with the lime green dot paper cut as strips of ribbon. Add a store-bought bow and you've made a stunning backdrop in no time at all.

How cute is this! Display ordinary supplies just as you would cake pops or other dessert treats.

Tags from the CANDY CHRISTMAS collection were printed, 
cut and ready for all of Kate's friends to use to wrap gifts.

Thank you so much, Kate, for sharing your creativity and wonderful ideas with us!
Now I must go wrap some presents! 


Cupcakes Plain & Fancy said...

What a great idea! Who knew you could wrap presents with such style. Makes me want to wrap presents all the time! Love it!

Unknown said...

Where did the green polk a dot wrap come from??? I love it.

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